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December 2010 Free Hat Giveaway From The Hat Pit At www.hatpit.com – Win A Cool Hat Made By David

Enter this drawing for my December 2010 Free Hat Giveaway. The hat you see above is the hat the winner will receive. It is Green Camo Stripes Urban Lumberjack Beanie made by me available in my hat shop.

To enter all you have to do is tweet this blog post to tell your friends about this giveaway. It’s easy – – – Just follow these steps……

(1.) Click on the tweet button below and tweet a message out about this giveaway.

(2.) Each tweet you send has a specific web page address known as a status. You must prove your entry by giving me the status address to your tweet. To get your tweet status address go to your twitter page and find the specific tweet you sent out regarding this giveaway. You will see a time stamp under that tweet. Click on that time stamp and then copy the address in your browser for that tweet. See the example below.

(3.) Leave the address to your tweet in a comment on this blog post along with your twitter name (i.e. @yourname).

That is all you have to do. Enter as many times as you like but please, only one tweet status address per comment.

The drawing will be on December 15th, 2010.