Dance Remixes For You

While I’m working on some new hats for a sale I’m gonna have I’ve been sharing some of my dance music remixes over at my hat shop’s website. I thought I’d post the list of the uploads I’ve posted over the past couple of days. I’m having a blast sharing these awesome and some forgotten and rare remixes from my personal collection.

::: Remixes Uploaded On Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Remixes courtesy of The Hat Pit

::: Remixes Uploaded On Teusday, November 16th, 2010

Remixes courtesy of The Hat Pit

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Car Jump Fail

Here at The Hat Pit I believe in laughing and having fun as much as I believe in working hard to get what you want. Here is something that made me laugh. I hope you’ll get a kick out of it too.

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Ninety Seven Thousand Toothpicks

Just saw this amazing video of some artwork created by students using toothpicks and styrofoam. It took them 3 weeks to create this huge image. I think this is so cool.

Riverbank Urban Dayrunner Beanie

Here is a brand new design I created yesterday. I have been wanting to offer a beanie with a brim for awhile but just haven’t had a chance to get motivated and design one until yesterday. I designed this while I was sitting at the local and very small airport enjoying a beautiful day watching little airplanes take off and land.

This is my first urban hat design and I am really proud of it. It has a low profile brim and is perfect for a grab and go hat to throw on when your heading out to run errands or just beating the streets. It’s low brim style will give you a sleek profile and it’s overall shape will simply just make you look cool. This hat is crocheted with 2 strands of soft acrylic yarn to give it a bulky stitch look and it holds it’s shape very well. This is a hat that will last you for many years without a lot of upkeep. Although I designed this hat for men I think a lot of ladies will be grabbing these up for themselves as well.

This one is done in a new color combo called Riverbank. You can order it in this color or choose any solid color to customize your hat in a color you like. These are going for a steal at only $18.50 at The Hat Pit.

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Top Dawg Beanies Marked Way Down At The Hat Pit

All Top Dawg Beanies are now only $14.50 – – – a 12 dollar drop from my normal asking price of $26.50. These hats come in all of your favorite colors and would make a great gift for yourself and for the men in your life. They are super soft and comfortable to wear.

Hello World!

New blog, another “Hello World!” post.  Well here we go….

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