Two Things I’ve Recently Learned About My Business

1. Some people are bound to think my creations are store bought because a lot of them look like they came from a big chain enterprise. They are not. Each and every thing I sell in my shop is personally hand made by me one item at a time…..

I have pondered some advantages and disadvantages of that misunderstanding.

ADVANTAGES: A. My products are just as good or better than “store bought” big name items.

DISADVANTAGES: A. If people think my items are store bought then they must think I am a reseller. That is not good. They need to know my items are unique and cannot be bought in a store. That is why you can’t get them for two dollars like you can at that cheap department store down the road that sells mass produced merchandise.

2. I used to be afraid of creating stuff that looked like it was “store bought”. I am not afraid anymore.

3. A bonus lesson I have learned: Use downtime between orders to kick out new hats in color combinations not yet created.


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