Green Camo Stripes Urban Lumberjack Beanie

A brand new hat style now available in my hat shop. Get one here.

Item: #11251001
Description: Urban Lumberjack Beanie ULJ001 – Green Camo Stripes
Price: $24.00
Customizable: Yes

The Urban Lumberjack Beanie: This is a GREEN CAMOUFLAGE STRIPE hip urban style beanie with a built in brim. These hats are hand knit by me on a special knitting loom. They are knit with double strands of yarn and I classify this as medium bulky. This is a hat you can wear above or over your ears for different looks and style. It is a hat suitable for both genders and you will absolutely love the way this hat wears and feels on your head. This one is perfectly sized for teenagers and adults. This style is my personal favorite and I always get asked where I bought my hat when I wear one of these out somewhere.

Please note: There are other people online selling similar hats like these but most of them use cheap knitting looms which have pegs spaced too far apart which produces a very loose stitch. My Urban Lumberjack Beanies are made on a loom that was specially sized for adults and teenagers with pegs that are spaced much closer together which produces a tighter stithed and better looking hat. You can go buy one of their loosely knit hats or you can get one of these awesome high quality knit hats made by me and know that you will be happy with it. Take it from someone who has been making hats for a long time.

This is a customizable hat. You can order in the color shown, or you can pick 1 solid color.

As with all of my hats these beanies are made with a super soft acrylic yarn which makes them so comfortable to wear and easy to care for. The yarn is durable and machine washable but I always recommend very gentle handwashing with just a very small amount of laundry detergent, rinse well, roll in a towel to remove excess water, and then lay it out flat to dry. I give these gentle care instructions because I am often asked how to care for these hand made treasures to keep them looking like new, but in all honesty, it is a hat and hats are supposed to get worn out if you enjoy wearing them. So wear them, wash them, wear them out, and then come back for another one.

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