Riverbank Urban Dayrunner Beanie

Here is a brand new design I created yesterday. I have been wanting to offer a beanie with a brim for awhile but just haven’t had a chance to get motivated and design one until yesterday. I designed this while I was sitting at the local and very small airport enjoying a beautiful day watching little airplanes take off and land.

This is my first urban hat design and I am really proud of it. It has a low profile brim and is perfect for a grab and go hat to throw on when your heading out to run errands or just beating the streets. It’s low brim style will give you a sleek profile and it’s overall shape will simply just make you look cool. This hat is crocheted with 2 strands of soft acrylic yarn to give it a bulky stitch look and it holds it’s shape very well. This is a hat that will last you for many years without a lot of upkeep. Although I designed this hat for men I think a lot of ladies will be grabbing these up for themselves as well.

This one is done in a new color combo called Riverbank. You can order it in this color or choose any solid color to customize your hat in a color you like. These are going for a steal at only $18.50 at The Hat Pit.

P.S. I am not ashamed of begging you to please share this post. A quick tweet would mean the world to me. Thanks!!!

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